August 11, 2016/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Calls on Representative Geoff Diehl to Disavow Donald Trump for President

BOSTON- The Massachusetts Democratic Party today called on Representative Geoff Diehl to resign as co-chair of Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign and disavow Donald Trump for President.

“It is inconceivable that anyone can support a candidate like Donald Trump, whose entire campaign is based on misogynistic, divisive speech that promotes violence and hate,” said Jay Cincotti, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. “By remaining as co-chair of Trump’s Massachusetts campaign, Representative Diehl is condoning this horrific rhetoric and the violence and hatred behind it.”

Cincotti added, “On behalf of a Commonwealth that values inclusiveness and tolerance, the Massachusetts Democratic Party calls on Representative Diehl to condemn Trump’s remarks and disavow himself from Trump’s campaign. Trump’s politics have no place in the American political discourse.”

Donald Trump’s campaign has been defined by comments that objectify women, marginalize numerous immigrant populations, and intimate violence against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.