October 5, 2014/Press Releases

Mass Dems Remind Voters about Republican Charlie Baker’s History on Homelessness

In 2010, Republican Baker Called on Homeless to Prove Residency Before Entering Shelter
Boston—Homelessness is just the latest example of Republican Charlie Baker sticking his finger in the political wind to find a position. Republican Baker has flip-flopped from the infamous position he took in 2010 where he actually stood in front of the Pine Street Inn in the South End and proposed that people who go to homeless shelters should have to prove residency before entering.

"Voters and homeless advocates won't be fooled by Republican Charlie Baker after he made his true feelings known just a few years ago," said Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing. "This is just another example of Republican Baker willing to say whatever he thinks will get him elected, but voters know better."

According to 2010 news reports:

“One element of (Republican Baker’s) plan, intended to save $10 million to $25 million, would require those seeking state benefits to show proof of legal residency. Asked by a reporter whether that would mean turning away people needing a bed at the Pine Street Inn, a shelter in Boston’s South End, Baker said, “Yeah, I think we should require it for everything.’’