September 11, 2014/Press Releases

Mass Dems Launch #2010GOPBaker to Remind Voters of Republican Charlie Baker’s Harsh Rhetoric and Tea Party-Leaning Policy Proposals Four Years Ago

For Immediate Release
September 10, 2014
Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800
BOSTON—In order to highlight Republican Charlie Baker’s ultraconservative 2010 gubernatorial campaign – when he tried to ride a national wave of Tea Party rhetoric – the Massachusetts Democratic Party has launched the twitter handle @2010GOPBaker and a corresponding hashtag.Followers will be able to compare Republican Baker’s harsh stances of 2010 with his current campaign’s superficial attempts to fool voters into believing his new positions – which he is currently using – after voters rejected his angry rhetoric four years ago.“Voters should be reminded that Republican Charlie Baker will say anything to be elected.  In just four short years, Republican Baker has changed his 2010 stances on everything from requiring the homeless to show ID in order to access shelter, to opposing construction of the South Coast Rail project,” said Democratic Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing. “The only consistency in Republican Charlie Baker’s campaigns is his commitment to follow the political winds wherever they may blow. Voters in Massachusetts were not fooled in 2010 and will not be fooled this year.”