June 15, 2015/Press Releases

Honest Data From Baker Administration Needed Moving Forward In Order To Fix Real Problems At The MBTA

Voters Wonder Why Baker Administration Felt Compelled To Overstate Certain Stats

BOSTON—In light of the Republican Baker Administration’s formal acknowledgement that their initial MBTA report included overstated absentee figures and irrelevant comparisons to other regional transit authorities, the Massachusetts Democratic Party released the following statement:


“While we are glad Gov. Charlie Baker formally acknowledged what voters already know – his initial data on the MBTA was misleading and overstated – voters are still left wondering why Baker and his administration felt they needed to manipulate certain stats when everyone recognizes we need to undertake comprehensive transportation reform,” said Mass Dems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “If voters are going to trust transportation reform and support the investments we need to make to fix the problem, we must first provide the whole picture and that means expecting the information we receive from the Baker administration is based on facts and real data.”