March 17, 2016/Press Releases

Governor Baker’s Troubling Pattern of Secrecy

BOSTON—In response to breaking news that Gov. Baker snuck out of state using taxpayer resources to attend a secret, right-wing confab, the Massachusetts Democratic Party released the following statement:

"Gov. Baker is showing a troubling pattern of secrecy. First, he refuses to release the resumes of his hires despite a campaign promise to do so, then he raises hundreds of thousands in dark money for his political activities. Now, he is caught sneaking out of state to an exclusive, conservative confab using taxpayer resources," said MassDems spokesman Pat Beaudry. "Because of Gov. Baker's status quo leadership, we are already in jeopardy of losing our national No. 1 rankings. Voters deserve to know what type of ideology he brought home from his right-wing retreat."