March 3, 2016/Press Releases


Governor Declines to Take On GOP’s Frontrunner – Despite Donald Trump’s Extreme Rhetoric

BOSTON — News coverage of Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s reluctance to campaign against Donald Trump or on behalf of an alternative Republican candidate has been piling up over the last week – particularly since Baker’s chosen candidate Gov. Chris Christie himself endorsed Trump on Friday.

"While Baker has been busy orchestrating his $300k plan to take control of the GOP state committee, he has done little to stop the rise of Donald Trump, and as a result may be forced to represent a reality TV star at the GOP convention," said MassDems Spokesman Pat Beaudry.

Below, find some of the coverage of Baker’s lack of leadership in Massachusetts  – allowing the brash billionaire Donald Trump to go into Super Tuesday with a huge lead in the Bay State. 

Also, included below is some coverage of the media stories about Gov. Baker's secret $300,000 fund he's using to try to tip the scales in local Republican State Committee races.


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