March 10, 2014/Press Releases

GOP Lt. Gov candidate exposed for deep ties to anti-choice and anti-equality activists

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March 10, 2014

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Further Evidence Linking Karyn Polito to Extremist Republicans

BOSTON — Upon reading Friday’s MassterList, the Massachusetts Democratic Party uncovered deep ties between 22 Republican State Committee Members who voted in favor of the anti-choice and anti-equality platform and the Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Karyn Polito.

“Once again, we see that the hand-picked Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Karyn Polito, just can’t shake the connections she has to extremist positions in the Republican Party,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Tom McGee. “In public, the Republican ticket tries to distance itself from the extreme wing of the Republican Party but it’s clear, in private, they have been catering to the same Tea Party faction that has been supporting Karyn Polito all along.”

Below is a list of the Republican State Committee Members who are Polito contributors and supported the extreme Republican Party platform.

Date  Contributor

6/5/10 Adams, Paul

3/24/10 Ardinger, Thomas (Frank)

5/11/10 Ardinger, Thomas (Frank)

12/9/10 Ardinger, Thomas (Frank)

1/27/14 Ardinger, Thomas (Frank)

4/2/10 Aylward, Steven

10/15/10 Aylward, Steven

11/15/10 Aylward, Steven

12/18/13 Barstow, Lisa

9/8/10 Berrena, Richard

11/1/10 Berrena, Richard

2/28/14 Buckley, Peter

10/17/02 Burke, Brian

12/20/13 Burke, Brian

4/30/10 Bush, Barbara

8/26/10 Cappucci, Jr., Rob

7/15/10 Dulchinos, Peter

9/29/10 Early, Carol

5/7/10 Fogarty, Janet

8/18/10 Fogarty, Janet

10/28/10 Fogarty, Janet

10/29/10 Fogarty, Janet

12/30/13 Green, Richard

12/13/10 Johnson, Bonnie

12/30/13 Johnson, Bonnie

2/21/14 Kelly, Joyce

5/19/10 McCarthy, Thomas

12/30/13 McGrath, Edward

12/7/10 Potaski, Mike

5/24/10 Richardson, Cathy

1/31/14 Smiley, Susan

6/30/10 Vacon, Linda

10/28/10 Zykofsky, Stephen

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