December 8, 2016/Press Releases

Democratic Leader Calls on Governor Baker to Postpone Trip, Explain Cuts to Residents

BOSTON – In light of Governor Baker’s unexpected and unexplained deep cuts to important programs in the Massachusetts state budget for the current fiscal year, Democratic Party Chairman Gus Bickford today called on Governor Baker to postpone his plans to travel overseas on Friday.

“Instead of jetting out of state, Governor Baker needs to stay home and explain to the people of Massachusetts how they'll make up for his millions of dollars in cuts to programs and services that our state's families and businesses depend on,” Bickford said. "We need a Governor that is willing to embrace and build up all of Massachusetts.

"We call on the Governor to delay his travel plans and use that time to explain to Worcester why he is stripping funding for manufacturing. To the Cape, why he has slashed funding for tourism. To Western Mass, why he is cutting the cable on funding of broadband expansion. To the Merrimack Valley, why he is cutting homeless voucher programs and subsidies to local housing authorities. He owes those answers to the people affected."

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