August 8, 2016/Press Releases

Clinton Economic Plan Could Add Nearly 220,000 Massachusetts Jobs

BOSTON- Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Tom McGee today praised Hillary Clinton's economic plan, highlighting an analysis that shows Massachusetts could add nearly 220,000 jobs. While Clinton's plan would add to the Commonwealth's economy, Massachusetts is in danger of losing 71,000 jobs under Donald Trump's plan. 

"This election is about strengthening the economy for every working family and about creating a vibrant future for our children," said Chairman McGee. "There's only one candidate with both the track record and plan to make this future a reality and that is Hillary Clinton." 

McGee added, "Hillary Clinton is dedicated to investing in our communities through job creation that works for everyone. It is very telling that leading economic experts are saying her plan will create jobs while warning of job losses under Trump. All Trump's plan does is underscore his record of outsourcing jobs at the expense of American workers."  

The findings are based on two recent reports by Moody's economist and former adviser to John McCain, Mark Zandi. Zandi's analysis showed that under Clinton's plans, the economy overall would create 10.4 million jobs nationwide while under Trump, the economy would lose 3.4 million jobs and the nation would plunge into a "lengthy recession."

Clinton has pledged to make the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II in her first 100 days in office. Her plan would grow jobs in Massachusetts by making the boldest investments in infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the interstate highway system, investing in Massachusetts’s manufacturing, as well as cutting taxes and reducing red tape for Massachusetts’s small businesses, among other provisions.


The estimated job gains and losses in Massachusetts under Clinton's plans and Trump's plans were calculated by distributing Zandi's national projections evenly among the states in proportion to their populations.