October 10, 2016/Press Releases

Chairman McGee’s Statement on Tonight’s Debate

BOSTON – In response to tonight's second presidential debate, Chairman McGee released the following statement: 

"In this evening's debate, Hillary Clinton again showed us all why she is the only choice for President of the United States.

"She is a person of substance who will work to address the issues that concern the people of this nation. From increasing the minimum wage to making higher education affordable, her policies will help lift everyone up. She has provided real solutions for the critical problems we face at home and abroad – from climate change to gun violence and terrorism. Hillary Clinton proved that she has the experience to command respect for the United States, but will lead with compassion.
"All Donald Trump showed us was his presidency would bring empty promises, uninformed policies, and a precarious future.
"Our nation is at a crossroads, and the key to move forward to a brighter, better tomorrow is having a leader whose top priority is not him or herself, but this nation. There is no doubt that leader is Hillary Clinton."