November 1, 2014/Press Releases

BREAKING: Video from 2010 Casts Further Doubt on Baker’s ‘Fish Tale’

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November 1, 2014

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Video Shows No Tears from Baker; Missing the Crucial Details that He Added at Debate and Cried Over

BOSTON – Newly released video from Charlie Baker’s 2010 campaign has cast further doubt on Baker’s fisherman tale from Tuesday’s debate. The video from June 12, 2010 shows Baker recounting the story of the fisherman but doesn’t include the details he added Tuesday night that led to his emotional reaction. The video also shows Baker not crying – though he has said he always breaks down telling the story. The video raises questions of whether Baker intentionally added the parts to the story.

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The fish tale, which has been quickly unraveling over the last days, focused on the plight of two sons of a fisherman from New Bedford who were forced to give up college football scholarships to work on their father’s fishing boat. The news media has since proven those critical facts to be false and the Baker campaign has been forced to admit that Baker’s story was not accurate.