September 26, 2022/Media, Press Releases

For Immediate Release: Video on Geoff Diehl’s Trump Connection

For Immediate Release
Monday, September 26, 2022

Matt Wilder

VIDEO: Geoff Diehl’s Trump Connection

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Democratic Party released a new videobr today that highlights Republican gubernatorial nominee Geoff Diehl’s close association with Donald Trump. The video chronicles Diehl’s plan to support Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was stolen in order to earn the former President’s endorsement, and Diehl’s campaign to bring Trumpism to Massachusetts.

The full transcript of the video is as follows, including links to relevant sources:

VOICEOVER: Donald Trump has his eyes on Massachusetts. Do you know how Geoff Diehl earned Trump’s support?

TRUMP: I think that, uh, Diehl will be the real deal. [Source]

DIEHL: It definitely was an election that was stolen from Trump. [Source]

DIEHL: I thought we had four terrific years, I think as far as conservatives are concerned, uh, he was able to appoint three Supreme court judges… wish he had had four more years. [Source]

VOICEOVER: That’s why Donald Trump is all-in on Geoff Diehl.

TRUMP: And who rule you state with an iron fist [Source]

VOICEOVER: Geoff Diehl is dangerous for Massachusetts.