March 19, 2018/Media

Taxpayers on the Hook for Baker’s Patronage Hires

Monday, March 19, 2018

Emily Fitzmaurice, Massachusetts Democratic Party, 617-939-0808

Taxpayers on the Hook for Baker’s Patronage Hires

BOSTON – Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford released the following statement in response to the latest reports of patronage in the Baker Administration:

“While he claims to be a strong fiscal manager, Governor Baker and his team are padding the wallets of their country club friends and neighbors by creating new, high-paying jobs at the Department of Revenue (DOR) at a time when he’s asking the rest of the state to do more with less.

“Working families and residents don’t have a transportation system they can rely on to get to work. Low income families are worried about threats Baker has made to their healthcare coverage. Opioid overdose rates are at an all-time high while Baker cuts treatment and education programs. The DOR’s new computer software is a disaster.  But, somehow, during a hiring freeze, all of these donors and friends can find jobs while the taxpayers foot the bill. 

“We need Governor Baker to put Massachusetts families first. We are calling for an immediate independent investigation into the Governor and his Administration’s hiring practices.”