December 16, 2020/Media, Press Releases

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford on Baker’s COVID Inaction

Allison Mitchell
Communications Director | (617) 939-0800

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford on Charlie Baker’s COVID Inaction

“This week, new COVID restrictions are taking effect in Boston and other cities and towns, as even more municipalities across the state consider taking their own steps to control the virus. While we all should be grateful that Democratic leaders are doing everything in their power to protect residents in their communities, we need to also think about why they are taking these actions, and it’s because Charlie Baker isn’t.

Just as Donald Trump deferred responsibility for management of the pandemic to individual states, leading to a disjointed and deadly response, Charlie Baker is taking a page from the Trump playbook and leaving it to the 351 municipalities in our state to manage the crisis on their own.

Baker’s approach shows an acceptance of the damage that resulted from the Trump strategy that he is following, and it displays an ignorance that assumes that people strictly stay within the borders of the town in which they reside.

Baker’s regular press conferences frequently feature moments where he lets the media and viewers know that he is the victim of unfair critics. Perhaps he needs a reminder that his job isn’t to be liked, it’s to be a leader. If that means upsetting some friends, that’s what you do. It’s time for Governor Baker to put the well-being of the people of Massachusetts over appeasing those with his cell phone number.”