June 4, 2022/Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Massachusetts Democratic Convention Concludes with Nominations for Governor and other Statewide Elected Offices


Saturday, June 4  2022



Matt Wilder




Massachusetts Democratic Convention Concludes with Nominations for Governor and other Statewide Elected Offices

WORCESTER – Massachusetts Democrats today concluded their two-day convention held in Worcester with delegates nominating candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Attorney General, Treasurer, and Auditor. More than 4,300 Delegates from across Massachusetts cast ballots electronically in-person at the DCU Center in Worcester and virtually. 

In accordance with party rules, candidates must receive 15% support from delegates to make the September 6 primary ballot. 

Nominees and results are as follows:

Candidate for Governor: Maura Healey 

Candidate for Lt. Governor: Kim Driscoll

Candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth: Tanisha Sullivan

Candidate for Attorney General: Quentin Palfrey

Candidate for Treasurer: Deborah Goldberg

Candidate for Auditor: Chris Dempsey 


Governor Results

Maura Healey: 2858 votes, 71.2%  

Sonia Chang-Díaz: 1155 votes, 28.8%


Lieutenant Governor Results:

Kim Driscoll: 1641 votes, 41.4%

Tami Gouveia: 911 votes, 23%

Eric P. Lesser: 839 votes, 21.2%

Adam Hinds: 493 votes, 12.4%

Bret H. Bero: 81 votes, 2%


Secretary of the Commonwealth Results 

Tanisha M Sullivan: 2578 votes, 62.4%

William Francis Galvin: 1553 votes, 37.5%


Auditor Results

Chris Dempsey: 2148 votes, 52.6%

Diana DiZoglio: 1931 votes, 47.3%


In the race for the Attorney General nomination, no candidate received a majority of Delegate support on the first ballot. Candidates Andrea Campbell and Quentin Palfrey chose to proceed to a second ballot. 

First ballot results:

Attorney General Results 

Andrea Campbell: 1622 votes, 39.2% 

Quentin Palfrey: 1605 votes, 38.8%

Shannon Liss-Riordan: 906 votes, 21.9%


Second ballot results:

Attorney General Results 

Quentin Palfrey: 1920, 54%

Andrea Campbell: 1631 46%

In the race for Lt. Governor, despite no candidates earning a majority of support, Kim Driscoll and Tami Gouveia chose not to proceed to a second ballot. Candidates Adam Hinds and Bret Bero did not receive the necessary support to advance to the state primary ballot. 

“Our delegates came to Worcester and participated virtually with great passion and commitment to this democratic process and democratic platform,” said Massachusetts Party Chairman Gus Bickford. “I congratulate all the candidates who participated and look forward to a meaningful and issue-focused primary season. This fall Democrats – even here in Massachusetts – can take nothing for granted. We must mobilize to ensure Democrats are elected across the board. Too much is at stake.”