October 6, 2022/Media, Press Releases

For Immediate Release: Digital AD on Geoff Diehl’s Anti-Abortion Record

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 6, 2022

Matt Wilder

AD: Geoff Diehl’s Anti-Abortion Record

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Democratic Party released a new digital advertisement today that highlights Republican gubernatorial nominee Geoff Diehl’s longtime advocacy to ban abortion. The video notes Diehl’s cosponsorship of legislation that would ban abortion and punish doctors with up to 5 years of jail time.

The full transcript of the video is as follows, including links to relevant sources:

VOICEOVER: With Roe overturned and right wing extremists trying to ban abortion nationwide, we can’t afford a Governor like Geoff Diehl.

DIEHL: I love the fact that the Supreme Court has now pushed back down the federal decisions things like the Dobbs act, which was getting rid of Roe v. Wade [Source]

VOICEOVER: Diehl has cosponsored legislation that would ban abortion and jail doctors for up to 5 years. [Source]

DIEHL: I’m pro-life. I want to protect life where I can [Source]

VOICEOVER: He’s been endorsed by the organization that harasses patients outside of Planned Parenthood. [Source]

He wants to be a Governor like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem. [Source, source]

We can’t allow Geoff Diehl’s agenda here in Massachusetts.