March 1, 2023/Media, Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Releases Delegate Selection Plan Proposal

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Matt Wilder

Massachusetts Democratic Party Releases Delegate Selection Plan Proposal

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Democratic Party (MDP) today released a draft Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

The plan is available at and is open for a 30-day public comment period. During the 30-day comment period, the public is invited to submit input and comments regarding the plan. After the comment period is over, the plan will be revised and approved by the MDP Rules Committee and then submitted to the Democratic State Committee for approval at the April meeting. Once approved by the State Committee it will be submitted to the DNC.

This plan formally describes the process of how the MDP will select its delegates to represent the Commonwealth at the national convention in 2024. Delegates will be formally selected next spring after the Presidential Primary as outlined in the plan.

Included in the plan is the formation of the Affirmative Action Committee as outlined in the Delegate Selection Plan. The Affirmative Action Committee (AAC) will be chaired by Vice Chair Leon Brathwaite, DNC Member Brenda Brathwaite, DNC Member Karen Payne and DNC Member Mel Poindexter. The list of AAC members can be found here and will be approved at the April Democratic State Committee meeting.

The draft plan can be viewed on the MDP’s website at and comments and questions may be submitted via email at