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Affirmative Action Outreach


Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our communities and in ourDemocratic Party, the Affirmative Action and Outreach Committee (AAOC) seeks to identify, engage, empower, and strengthen individuals and organizations who together can constitute a diverse base for the Democratic Party.

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Gillian Hinkson


Linda Monteiro



Nazda Alam

Mabel Amar

Russell Ashton

Sandi Bagley

Chuck Battle

Helena Berbano

Gus Bickford

Donovan Birch

Brenda Brathwaite

Leon Brathwaite

Mehreen Butt

Lezlie Campbell

Tyler Carlton

Brian Corr

Cheryl Cumings

Carlos Dasilva

Stephen Driscoll

Louis Elisa

Marilyn Flowers

Max German

David Halbert

Kristen Halbert

Jared Hicks

Gabrielle Jackson

Rani Jacobson

Prerna Jagadeesh

Sophia Jeffery

Raymond Jordan

Samson Liao

Linda Monteiro

Nichole Mossalam

Vero Navarro

Sheneal Parker

Karen Payne

Melvin Poindexter

Tina Poindexter

Ricardo Quiroga

Charlotte Golar Richie

Jay Manuel Rivera

Jeannette Rivera

Jonathan Rodrigues

Ervin Russell

Diego Sanchez

Sarah Ann Shaw

Tina Schinnick

Shanique Spalding

Sharon Stout

Randall Tatum

Kannan Thiruvengadam

Steve Tompkins

Adrian Velazquez

Parwez Wahid

Vernon Walker

Michelle Wu

Wayne Yeh

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