April 15, 2016/Dispatch

Special Election Update: Elect a Great Democrat and Take Back a Republican Seat

Tuesday was special primary Election Day for three legislative races. Two of these do not have general election opponents, so I’m proud to welcome Joe Boncore (First Suffolk & Middlesex) to the Senate and Dan Cahill (10th Essex District) to the House. For the third race, we have a tough special election coming up in just a few weeks. Democratic voters in the Plymouth & Norfolk District overwhelming elected Joan Meschino as our nominee, and she faces a well-funded Republican in less than a month, on May 10. Yesterday, Senate President Rosenberg and joined Joan, her primary opponent, local officials and activists in Weymouth for a unity event and kicked off her general election effort.

After four consecutive Democratic special election victories – including taking back a Republican seat last month – we know the Republican Party, Gov. Baker and outside Republican groups like Mass Fiscal Alliance are going to spend whatever they think is necessary to hold a seat they’ve had for over 20 years.

If we are going to keep making progress on the issues we care about — leveling the playing field for working families, keeping our schools first in the nation, and holding Charlie Baker accountable — we need a strong Democrat like Joan Meschino representing the South Shore in the State Senate.



Treasurer Deb Goldberg launched the first website in the country dedicated to closing the gender wage gap and focusing on equal pay, which she says “gets to the essence of economic security and stability. Read more here

Congresswoman Katherine Clark continues to solidify her status as national leader, this time by combating online harassment. Read here about the important work Rep. Clark is doing to keep us all safe and how she’s dealt with it herself.


Mayor Marty Walsh authored an op-ed this week about equal pay and how he is leading the charge in Boston. “It’s time to stop talking about closing the gender wage gap and time we start taking action to actually close it.” Read here the Mayor’s full op-ed and the work he is doing.

Holding Gov Baker Accountable

Last night Gov. Baker was booed off stage by LGBT acvists as he still refuses to come down on the right side of history and support a bill to end discrimination. Watch more here

As many western Mass communities still await broadband internet access, Gov. Baker ironically chose to Skype into the western Mass event (becasue he was in Las Vegas for a secret GOP meeting). As you can imagine, the western Mass officials were not impressed. Read more here


With dark, outside money continuing to swirl around Gov. Baker and his Republican Party, read more here for yet another news story focusing on the Republican front group operating as a Super PAC right here in MA