April 8, 2016/Dispatch

LGBTQ group no longer celebrating Governor Baker

This week was filled with more reminders of why we must continue to work to elect Democrats at all levels of government. MassDems’ longtime Vice Chairman Ray Jordon stepped down – ending the longest tenure as Vice Chair in the history of our Party. Ray – a former State Representative from Springfield – has long served as a strong voice for Western Massachusetts and the African-American community, and his lifetime of achievements has helped our Party grow and diversify over the years.

Senator Warren continues to lead the fight to protect consumers’ best interests and called on Senate Republicans to do their job and hold a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Lastly, this has been a tough week for Bay Staters who pride themselves on our national leadership. Our excellence in education is now in peril as Governor Baker’s education funding levels have forced parents and educators to get organized and fight for their public schools – like those who recently formed the group Brockton Kids Count. Additionally, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has pulled its invitation to Governor Baker to be honored at an event in Washington, D.C. because of his plans to attend a Right Wing confab in Vegas and his reluctance to support transgender rights at home. 

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MassDems of all stripes owe our outgoing Vice Chair Ray Jordon a great deal of thanks for his longtime service to the Party as he ends his historic tenure in that role. Read more here

Senator Elizabeth Warren: If Senate Republicans don’t like being forced to pick between a bullet and poison, then here’s some advice: Stand up to extremists in the Senate bent on sabotaging our government whenever things don’t go their way. Respect the oath you took to uphold and defend the Constitution. Show some courage and put that oath ahead of party politics. Do your job — and start by considering the president’s nomination to the Supreme Court,Read more here

The good Senator also reminded us why we are so proud to have her representing us in D.C. at a recent Banking hearing. Watch here

And Michael Toole – a Democrat and father of two Norton school students – has announced his run for State Representative in part to fight against Governor Baker’s inadequate education funding. Read more here



Last week educators, parents and students gathered in Brockton to organize against Governor Baker’s ‘unconscionable’ education funding levels. Read more here

Chairman Tom McGee: While Gov. Baker claims he rejects the national GOP brand, his actions speak louder than words. His fifth trip for national GOP purposes comes on the heels of ethical fundraising questions swirling around Gov. Baker for his connections to the Republican National Committee. Read more here

Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim: While it is disappointing that Gov. Baker refuses to ban state travel to North Carolina in the face of LGBTQ discrimination there, it is not surprising — especially considering his refusal to support the public accommodations bill, a crucial issue for the LGBTQ community in Massachusetts.Read more here

Add up Governor Baker’s Right Wing leadership trip and his reluctance to support transgender rights at home, and what do you get? The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has reversed their decision to honor Governor Baker at an event in Washington, D.C.Read more here



REMINDER: Friday, April 15 is the deadline to apply to be considered for a youth, disability or minority add-on delegate spot to our state convention in Lowell this June. Apply here