October 27, 2015/Dispatch

In South Shore Senate race, it’s all about who’s in it for the right reasons

Plenty to keep up with this week including more grassroots opportunities to support our Democratic nominee Mike Brady for state Senate down on the South Shore. Mike has dedicated his entire career in public office to serving working families, which is why Treasurer Deb Goldberg will be kicking off a canvass for his campaign this Saturday.
Will Rasky penned a great piece on VP Joe Biden and the merits of getting involved in politics for the right reasons. Those reasons are in stark contrast to the reasons Brady’s Tea Party opponent Geoff Diehl got into politics – riding a right wing wave into office in 2010 with the duel priorities of self promotion and ideological orthodoxy. 
Voters are left questioning Republican Gov. Baker’s decision to endorse and campaign for Diehl who has already proposed tax cuts for millionaires and lowering the minimum wage. Then again, this is the same governor who recently appointed a 85% white and 80% male economic development council. 
Battleground 2nd Plymouth & Bristol
Join Treasurer Deb Goldberg tomorrow, 10AM at 623 Centre St., Brockton for our canvass kickoff to elect Mike Brady to the state Senate!
Can’t make tomorrow? We have plenty of other opportunities to get involved in the closing days of this critical race. Mike Brady has dedicated his entire career in public service to helping working families, but he is up against a Tea Partier being funded by out-of-district millionaires. Click here to join our grassroots campaign.
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Republican Baker recently appointed a 59-person economic development panel that was 85% white and 80% male. So much for inclusive government… Read more here.
Why is Republican Gov. Baker backing a state Senate candidate who is in favor of tax cuts for millionaires and lowering the minimum wage? Does he agree with him? Read more here.