December 23, 2016/Dispatch

Happy Holidays, Marches and More

Greetings from Kate

Dear Democrats,

Democrats are once again fired up and ready to go! There is so much going on and people are scheduling events in the midst of this busy holiday season!

On a festive theme comedian Jimmy Tingle as a fun new video for people. Here’s the link: 

I have included some information on the January 21 marches, both in DC and here in Mass. There is also a “Four Freedoms” march in early January here in Mass. Inviting someone to join you at a march is a way to encourage someone to get active. Marches can be very energizing and social. Use the social time to talk informally with people about ongoing Democratic activities, such as your local Democratic Committee or a campaign for a Democratic candidate in an upcoming municipal election.


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Please look at the below information on the upcoming caucuses. We want to be sure that all town and ward committees have received caucus information and are looking at getting their caucus scheduled.


Matt and I wish you and your families a joyous, safe and Democratic holiday season!


Democratically yours,


Kate Donaghue


PS Events and schedules change rapidly. Matt and I work hard to get the most up to date information, but sometimes we don’t receive notices of changes. Weather can cause cancellations and postponements as well. If in doubt, watch MassDems calendar and check with the organizers. 


Ideas for Committees – Caucus Information Posted – Chairs list

On Thursday, the Democratic Party e-mailed caucus information to chairs across the state. Highlights: 

1. The caucus window is February 4th – April 2nd. 

2. You need to notify the MDP office of your caucus NO LATER THAN January 27th. 

3. This year, eligible young people who PREREGISTER as Democrats may participate in the caucuses. 

4. Convention is June 3rd in Lowell 

5. This is a Platform Convention. 

Method of Selecting Delegates: 

Link to post a caucus: 

Help us ensure that your town or ward has the correct information. Please check the MassDems website to see if your ward or town has the correct name listed for chair and the best e-mail address to use. This is especially important if there has been recent transition in the leadership of your committee. Use the following link to check for committee chair and e-mail address: 

If the contact information listed is not accurate, please notify the MDP by e-mail at . 

With you help we can ensure that Democratic Committees across the Commonwealth have information on scheduling caucuses. 


Voter Registration for Martin Luther King Day

Registering voters is important work that is easy and fun. I am finding that people are very interested in becoming Democrats. January will be a good time to get people registered. As we near the inauguration people are yearning to do something positive; a voter registration drive gives people the opportunity to do something concrete. There is also high interest among people who we will be asking to register as Democrats. A voter registration drive can be done door to door or in public areas where people congregate. During a Democratic registration drive: 

– Recruit registered Democrats to become more active. 

– Encourage voters who are not in a party to become Democrats. 

– Register those who are eligible to become voters. 

– Pre-register sixteen and seventeen year olds. 

– Invite non-citizens to take part in volunteering in campaigns. 

Organizations are encouraged to take part in Martin Luther King Day of Service. 


Recurring Sections and Dispatch Information

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Summary of events (highlighted items are new or updated):


Thu 12/29 *Rep. Jim Cantwell Pre-New Year’s Social*

Wed 01/04 *Inauguration Party for Jack Patrick Lewis*

Sat 01/07 *Four Freedoms Coalition March and Rally*

Mon 01/09 *Emerge Fundraiser in Boston*

Tue 01/10 *Beverly Democratic City Committee Meeting*

Wed 01/11 *Jeff Clements – South Coast Speaker Series*

*Mansfield Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Thu 01/12 Chicopee Democratic City Committee Meeting

*Gloucester Democratic City Committee Meeting*

Wed 01/18 *Ayanna Pressley New Year’s Breakfast*

*AG Maura Healey Town Hall Meeting in Springfield*

Sat 01/21 *Boston Women’s March for America*

*Information on Women’s March on Washington – Mass Chapter*

Wed 01/25 *Natick Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Mon 01/30 *AG Maura Healey – South Shore Town Hall Meeting*

Wed 02/01 Bellingham DTC Monthly Meeting

Thu 02/02 *Democratic State Committee Meeting*

Wed 02/22 *Natick Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Sun 04/30 Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee Democrat of the Year Award Breakfast

Mon 05/08 Shrewsbury DTC Meeting

You Have to Laugh Occasionally – Edited by Matt Shear

Tea Pain: 

– Trump promises to continue “draining the swamp.” He heard there’s oil down there. 

– Turns out the reason Trump said China could keep our drone is cause it was carryin’ his tax returns. 


Event details:


*12/29/2016 Rep. Jim Cantwell Pre-New Year’s Social*

Thursday, December 29, 6 – 9 PM

The Marshfield Tavern 1 Proprietors Drive, Marshfield

Please join us for another tradition: our Pre-New Year’s Social! This is a “contribute what you wish” fundraiser to help us close out the final campaign deadline. If you’ve already made a donation in 2016 come for free as my guest! 

RSVP or questions please email Maureen Meech at or call Maureen or Liz Charlton at 781-837-1960. 


*01/04/2017 Inauguration Party for Jack Patrick Lewis*

Wednesday, January 4, 6 – 8 PM

Los Cabos Mexican Cantina & Grill 300 Eliot St., Ashland, MA 01721

Bring your family and friends for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship to celebrate Jack Patrick Lewis’ recent election and his swearing-in as State Representative. Please RSVP to Note: This event is free and open to the community. However, if you wish to donate to the Lewis Committee you can do so at the event or online at 



*01/07/2017 Four Freedoms Coalition March and Rally*

Saturday, January 7, 12:30

North Street to Park Square, Pittsfield

Sponsored by the Berkshire Brigades, Berkshire Chapter NAACP, Berkshire Central Labor Council. Partners include Berkshire Legislative delegation, Auditor Suzanne Bump, Setti Warren, 30+ organizations in the Berkshires and others. All welcome. Call Sheila Murray 413 232 4283. 



*01/09/2017 Emerge Fundraiser in Boston*

Monday, January 9


Help Us Double Our Impact! 

We’ve had almost twice as many women apply for our six month training program than ever before. Help us make sure we can train every qualified, talented and diverse Democratic woman to run for office in 2017! We can run two training programs next year, but only with your help! 

Watch this space for details. 



*01/10/2017 Beverly Democratic City Committee Meeting*

Tuesday, January 10, 7:30 PM

Beverly Public Library, 32 Essex Street, downstairs in the Barnet Gallery

Questions or to add items to the agenda, please contact Chairman Duane Anderson at or call 978-922-2368. 



*01/11/2017 Jeff Clements – South Coast Speaker Series*

Wednesday, January 11, 7 PM

Unitarian Memorial Church Auditorium 103 Green Street Fairhaven, MA

South Coast Speaker Series – Keeping the American Promise: 

Challenging Corporate Power and Money in Politics 

The speaker will be Jeffrey D. Clements, Former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General; Co-Founder of Free Speech for People, a campaign to overturn Citizens United v. SEC; and author Corporations Are Not People. 

The event is free and open to the public: 


CONTACT: Ben Gubits – 



*01/11/2017 Mansfield Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Wednesday, January 11, 7:30 PM

Mansfield Municipal Airport – Building H, 265 Fruit Street, Mansfield

Our guest speaker will be Democratic State Committee Man Larry DiCara, who will discuss Democratic strategy and direction for both the state and national levels in the coming years. MDTC meetings and events are always open to the public. Mansfield area Democrats are especially invited. For more information, visit or email or call Chairman Kevin Doyle at 508-339-9520. 



01/12/2017 Chicopee Democratic City Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 12, 6:30 PM

Chicopee Library, 490 Front Street, Chicopee

Guest speaker, Nancy Stenberg (topic: Votebuilder). 

Watch here for details. 



*01/12/2017 Gloucester Democratic City Committee Meeting*

Thursday, January 12, 7 PM

The Gloucester House Restaurant, 63 Rogers St., Gloucester, MA 01930

All Democrats and friends are welcome. Admission is free. Come at 7 p.m. for informal conversation, free refreshments and cash bar. The business meeting begins at 7:30. For more info visit 



*01/18/2017 Ayanna Pressley New Year’s Breakfast*

Wednesday, January 18, 8 – 9:30 AM

50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Boston City Councilor At-Large Ayanna Pressley will be sharing her policy agenda and goals for the upcoming year. Suggested contribution levels: Activist (limited availability) $45/Guest $150/Friend $250/Host $500/ Sponsor $1,000. Donate online at 



*01/18/2017 AG Maura Healey Town Hall Meeting in Springfield*

Wednesday, January 18

Faith United Church, 52 Summer Street, Springfield

MESSAGE FROM MAURA HEALEY: We’re better – as a people, as a state and as a nation – when we work together. No matter the issue, when we unify, collaborate and work through differences, we win. Massachusetts has led the way – on universal health care, on equality and human rights, on combating climate change, on education, and on embracing an innovation economy that works for all, not just those at the top.” The AG is hosting Town Hall meetings for local organizers to come together with the goals of building on and protecting our progress. 

Watch this space for updates and RSVP information. 



*01/21/2017 Boston Women’s March for America*

Saturday, January 21, 11 AM

Boston Common

For those who are not going to Washington, DC, you can march at home in Boston. We will unite to march in solidarity with communities most affected by the hate, intolerance and acts of violence being perpetrated throughout the nation – among many are communities of women, immigrants, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQIA and people with disabilities. Ours is a peaceful, nonpartisan march. 



*01/21/2017 Information on Women’s March on Washington – Mass Chapter*

Saturday, January 21

Massachusetts page — 

MA Travel coordinator: Johanna Schulman at 

If you get on their email list, you get weekly updates on what’s going on and links to resources. 



*01/25/2017 Natick Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Wednesday, January 25, 7 PM

Natick Town Hall, 13 E. Central Street, Natick MA 01760 3rd Floor Training Room

For more information visit 



*01/30/2017 AG Maura Healey – South Shore Town Hall Meeting*

Monday, January 30

Derby Academy, 56 Burditt Ave., Hingham

MESSAGE FROM MAURA HEALEY: We’re better – as a people, as a state and as a nation – when we work together. No matter the issue, when we unify, collaborate and work through differences, we win. Massachusetts has led the way – on universal health care, on equality and human rights, on combating climate change, on education, and on embracing an innovation economy that works for all, not just those at the top.” The AG is hosting Town Hall meetings for local organizers to come together with the goals of building on and protecting our progress. 

Watch this space for updates and RSVP information. 



02/01/2017 Bellingham DTC Monthly Meeting 

Wednesday, February 1, 7 PM

Municipal Ctr., 10 Mechanic St.



*02/02/2017 Democratic State Committee Meeting*

Thursday, February 2, 7 PM

Boston Teachers Union, 180 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester 02125

6:00 pm Refreshments 

7:00 pm Meeting 

One agenda item is voting on a new DNC Committee Man to represent Massachusetts. DSC member John Bowes has interviewed all five declared candidates: 


NOTE: There is a Mt. Vernon Street on Beacon Hill. Be sure to use the zip code when using a GPS. 



*02/22/2017 Natick Democratic Town Committee Meeting*

Wednesday, February 22, 7 PM

Natick Town Hall, 13 E. Central Street, Natick MA 01760 3rd Floor Training Room

For more information visit 



04/30/2017 Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee Democrat of the Year Award Breakfast

Sunday, April 30, 9:30 AM

Twin Hills Country Club, 700 Wolf Swamp Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106

Save the date. For more info see or email 



05/08/2017 Shrewsbury DTC Meeting

Monday, May 8, 7 PM

Community Room at Southgate, 30 Julio Drive, Shrewsbury.

Our meetings are open to any interested Democrat, not just members! For more information contact 



Caucus and Convention Information

The method of selecting delegates was approved on November 14 by the DSC. 

Please refer to this document (once is is posted) for information on the process. Some of the key dates are listed here: 

Deadline for notifying MDP of caucus date: January 27, 2017 

Caucus window: February 4 to April 2, 2017 

Convention date: June 3, 2017 in Lowell 

NOTE: The DSC voted to allow sixteen and seventeen year old pre-registered Democrats to take part in the State Convention and vote on the party platform at the 2017 Democratic State Convention, if they become delegates. Preregistered Democrats who will be age 18 by the anticipated date of the 2018 primary will be able to participate in caucuses and run for delegate or to apply to become youth add-on delegates. 

PLATFORM: Since it is a platform convention, caucuses usually go fairly quickly. This makes it easier to have a committee meeting in conjunction with your local caucus. A specific time for a caucus is required. For example it it is not allowed to have the caucus follow the adjournment of a committee meeting. But a committee meeting can immediately following the adjournment of a caucus. With the very long window it is easy to schedule a caucus on the same day as a regular meeting. With the provision to have candidates who are absent be able to run under specified conditions, many committees find this to be a practical way to proceed. 


Submitting Events

Please send us your Democratic events. We want to publicize what you are doing. We usually go to press on Friday AM, so make sure you send your info no later than Thursday evening to get into that week’s issue. 

1) Use subject line “For the Dispatch” 

2) Put your event information in text format in the body of the email. Please include start time, end time (if any), location (with street address for GPS), event description (it’s good to mention food/drink/donations/RSVP), and a link to more info. 

3) Send to 

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