November 18, 2015/Dispatch

From City Council to Congress, Democrats Continue to Shine this Week

Progress and leadership defined this week for Democrats as Congresswoman Clark was again highlighted for her hard work and vision in Washington and back home in Massachusetts, as well as some great coverage of the continuously growing number of Latino Democrats being elected here in the Bay State.

Unfortunately, our Republican Governor’s week did not go as well as he again baulked at supporting a major piece of civil rights legislation and dealt with a number of instances of sloppy mismanagement. 


In the Bay State and the Beltway, Congresswoman Katherine Clark continues to show real leadership on the issues that matter to working families. Read more here.

While it is encouraging to see more and more Latinos elected to office each November in Massachusetts, we must also remember there is still much to be done to ensure a representative government at all levels. Read more here.


Republican Baker continues to promote his laissez-faire approach to civil rights regarding transgender individuals Read more here.

Advocates remain concerned over the Baker administration’s refusal to put their money where their mouth is regarding public arts funding. Read more here.

Despite campaign promises of managerial superiority, dozens of state retirees who bought into Republican Baker’s early retirement plan have yet to receive a dime of their pension. Read more here.

Just Weird:

Forget running a massive public workforce downsizing scheme correctly, the Baker administration had problems running a MBTA color scheme poll this month. Read more here.