April 29, 2016/Dispatch

10 Days Until Special Election, Baker Fallout Continues & More

We’re down to just 10 days left until the May 10 special election on the South Shore. Our Democratic nominee Joan Meschino is hard at work talking to voters one-on-one about her plan for being an independent voice for the entire region. She’s running the type of grassroots campaign we know wins elections in Massachusetts. As Gov. Baker and his Republican machine are spending whatever they think is necessary to hold onto a seat they’ve had for over 20 years, we are fighting back by knocking doors and making phone calls. Click here to join us tomorrow in Weymouth, Sunday in Marshfield or on the phones!


“Our future economic health depends on having a vibrant transportation system that all of the citizens of the commonwealth can access … without sitting on the road for hours on end every week to try and get where you need to be,” said Party Chair and Senate Transportation Chair Tom McGee. Read more here in a WBUR feature story 

Senate President Stan Rosenberg pumps the breaks on Gov. Baker’s proposal start a colony of venomous sneaks in the Quabbin Reservoir. Read more here about Gov. Baker’s lack of transparency. 

It was a great week for Democratic-led transportation infrastructure, with news here about further study on Springfield-Boston rail and here about a “bullet” train from Worcester-Boston.

Holding Gov. Baker Accountable 

A series of letters to the editor this week documented the overwhelming disappointment in Gov. Baker’s failure to support ending discrimination against transgender residents. 


As one LTE notes, “Charlie Baker has been asked and lobbied to support this legislation for over six years, dating back to when he ran for governor in 2010. However, he has refused to disclose whether he supports the legislation.”