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2020 State Convention Caucus Information

Method of Selecting Delegates

View the method of selecting delegates here. This document governs the selection of delegates to the Convention from the caucus process through the add-on delegate selection.

View the Delegate Allocation for the 2020 Convention here.

The deadline to submit the date, time, and location of your caucus to elect delegates to the 2020 Convention is January 31, 2020. Caucuses may be held from February 15th to March 22nd. Weekend caucuses shall start no earlier than 9am, and weekday caucuses shall start no earlier than 6pm. All caucus locations must be ADA accessible.

Please submit your caucus information here.


Add-On Delegate Application

MassDems strives to ensure that our delegation is a diverse and representative body. To meet this goal, we have the opportunity for people who are interested can apply to be Add-on delegates in the categories of Disabled, LGBTQ+, Minority, and Youth.  Add-ons will be selected by the Democratic State Committee at the April 4th State Committee meeting, and will be notified of their add-on status after the April meeting.

The deadline to apply for an add-on position is March 25th at 5pm.

Apply to be an add-on delegate here!

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