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Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person has the right to live a full, meaningful life with equal access to opportunity, security, and inclusion. We believe that our government exists to empower people by providing high-quality public education, ensuring universal access to healthcare, protecting our environment, reducing income inequality, and guaranteeing equal rights and opportunity for all. We believe that when we empower people to organize their local communities, we can change our Commonwealth and our country for the better.

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As a united Democratic Party, we’re fighting for our democracy, for the common good, and for the working families of Massachusetts. We’re growing and strengthening our Party through grassroots organizing. We’re electing Democratic candidates with strong progressive values, up and down the ticket. We’re fighting the regressive Republican agenda at home and in Washington, and we’re pursuing a forward-thinking, progressive agenda of our own, demonstrating that Massachusetts is a leading alternative to President Trump’s vision of America.

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February 20, 2018/Press Releases

State Legislators, Mass Democratic Party File OCPF Complaint Against Mass Fiscal Alliance

Group Accused of Illegally Concealing Donors, Targeting Democrats, and Violating State Election Law.

February 19, 2018/Press Releases

Outrageous Emails Show Gaming Commission Ducking Responsibility on Wynn

These emails show that Steve Crosby and the Gaming Commission are more concerned about managing their press coverage than they are about launching an honest and thorough investigation.

February 16, 2018/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Responds to Mueller Indictment

Today’s announcement verifies what has long been clear: a foreign nation meddled in our elections, the most sacred rite of our democracy.

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