Massachusetts Democratic Party State Committee Subcommittees

State Committee Members: You will receive descriptions of each committee in mid-February via email with instructions for choosing your preferred subcommittee(s.)
Full membership lists are pending completion.

Non-State Committee Members: Subcommittees are open to a limited number of non-state committee members. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in joining a subcommittee. Descriptions of the purpose and goals of each subcommittee may be found here: Subcommittee Descriptions


List of Subcommittees and Co-Chairs


Affirmative Action Outreach

Dylan Hayre, Dorothea Jones, Nadeem Mazen



Jim DiTullio, Teresa Walsh


Campaign Services

Joe Kaplan, Amanda Smith


Charter Amendments

Sandi Bagley, Bryan Barash



Elaine Almquist, John Bowes



Carol Aloisi, Alana Murphy, Steve Owens


Disability Outreach

Cheryl Cummings, David Perelman


Field Services

Jason Palitch, Karen Payne


JFK Scholarship

Brenda Braithwaite, Charlotte Golar-Ritchie

Judicial Council

Roger Lau


Labor Outreach

Ed Collins, Cathy Dwyer


Latino Caucus

Marcia Cruz Redding, Juan Lopez



Steve Driscoll, Tyler Carlton, Holly Ryan


Andrea Cabral, Mark DiSalvo


Public Policy

Ralph Edwards, Jamie Eldridge, Martina Jackson, Ann Roosevelt


Alex Pratt, Marianne Rutter

Resource Development

Tom Holloway, Nicole LaChapelle



Bill Eddy


Rural Issues

Lee Harrison, Lisa Mosczynski


Senior Outreach

Russ Ashton, Allyne Pecevich


Site Selection

Sally Rizzo, Ron Valerio

Veterans & Military Families

Chuck Battle, Christine Tron


Women's Outreach

Linda Dorcena Forry, Norma Shulman, Megan Costello


Youth Services

Jeremy Comeau, Alicia Delvento