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Grassroots Communicators work directly with our Communications Department to assist in spreading the message through hyper-local mechanisms that supplement, and often surpass, media in effectiveness.

With constant news cycles and 24-hour a day coverage, voters are turning away from the blaring, wall-to-wall coverage of politics and looking to communicate with their friends and neighbors in a new way about the issues that matter.

This is where our Grassroots Communicators become so important.

As a Grassroots Communicator, you will get the message first. Our team will pass along talking points and messaging plans that can help you shape your own conversations, blog posts, and email lists.  In the heat of a Senate race, the issues change quickly and we will make sure you are well prepared to both defend and counter Republican talking points through our Rapid Response Grassroots Communicators emails.

Your job will be to:

  • Help spread the important messages and the latest news from the campaign trail
  • Build an email list of your friends with whom you are comfortable talking politics so we can expand our message reach
  • Write letters to the editor of your local daily/weekly newspaper that present the Democratic message with a local and trustworthy name in the byline
  • Submit posts to blogs and encourage active conversations on topics that reflect our message strategy
  • Call in to radio shows to influence the topics and conversation directed at both Democratic and Republican guest speakers
  • Utilize social networking by working on Twitter and Facebook to share #hashtags and photo messages that catch the attention of your friends

Grassroots Communicators will be on the front line of our communications strategy and a vital part of our messaging campaign.  Sign up to be a part of the team today and we will get you started on the first steps!

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