Massachusetts Democrats believe in full equality, regardless of gender, and recognize that gender discrimination and lack of equal opportunity for girls and women are ongoing and pervasive problems which negatively impact us all.  We seek to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination and to ensure equal opportunity for girls and women.

 Massachusetts Democrats Support:

  • Equal pay for equal work and income and work support programs to increase economic security for women;
  • Increased gender balance on corporate boards, non-profit boards, and executive and judicial branches of government;
  • Recruiting and supporting Democratic women candidates
  • Protection of a woman’s right to choose;
  • Full access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health care and women’s cancer prevention, screening, and treatment;
  • Ending domestic abuse and sexual assault, with measures to include age-appropriate anti-violence education;
  • Relationship education as part of the sex education curriculum to promote healthy relationships;
  • Full funding for childcare and early education; and
  • Full funding for child support collection and enforcement.

Issues & Values of Massachusetts Democratic Party

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

    Massachusetts Democrats understand that we are the pro-business party, building incentives for local control and entrepreneurial success which leads both to profitable enterprise and positive outcomes for our citizens and communities. As we enrich, sustain, and invest in our neighborhoods, partnering with businesses that remain locally rooted, we see government at the intersection of healthy business and healthy communities, creating a balance that supports both, and links them together. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in our immigrant communities, and welcome these new Americans into our country and our party. We also understand that we must measure our business success by additional criteria that show the breadth and depth of our economic and social progress such as economic mobility, access to education, and livable wages, rather than criteria that do not adequately reflect small business health and middle class progress.
  • Climate Crisis

      Massachusetts Democrats recognize that climate change is real and is already causing disruption and destruction to our property and our lives. The melting of polar ice caps, increased numbers and severity of storms, increased drought and flooding are all changes we cannot ignore. We understand that these changes are a direct result of human activity, primarily green house gas emissions from burning fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas. We understand that the resulting Climate Crisis requires prioritized attention and action on the scale equivalent to a major war. It is urgent that we take immediate action at all levels of government.
  • Economic Growth

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that growing our economy is one of the most pressing issues facing our state. We believe in the importance of job creation and economic opportunities for all to strengthen our Commonwealth’s middle class. We support strengthening our economy through continued investment in infrastructure, transportation and education. We believe that focusing on our labor force will drive economic success.
  • Education

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that all Massachusetts residents should have access to high-quality educational opportunities from birth through adulthood. We believe that our public education system should successfully prepare our children for lifelong learning and give them the tools to make contributions to our communities and to the intellectual, cultural, and civic life of the Commonwealth. We believe that our teachers, and the role they play in shaping the future of the Commonwealth, are deserving of the utmost respect. Our public education system must meet students where they are and give them the quantity and quality of instruction that they need to meet high proficiency standards and to prepare them for college and career success. Massachusetts Democrats are committed to investing in public education because we know that it is the cornerstone of our society, our democracy, and our economic future.
  • Energy and Environment

      Massachusetts Democrats believe in safeguarding the health of our citizens, protecting natural ecosystems, and catalyzing green economic growth. We believe that people have the right to clean air, clean water, clean soil and a safe and healthy environment. We believe that promoting clean-energy technologies, energy conservation, and energy efficiency is critically important to lowering energy costs, enhancing energy security and reliability, growing green jobs, and reaping environmental benefits.
  • Ethics and Transparency

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that public officials should be held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. We believe that government should be open and inclusive. We know that preserving the public’s trust in government is critically important to the future of our democracy.
  • Healthcare and Human Services

     Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person should enjoy good quality of life and good health and wellbeing. We believe that high-quality and affordable health care should be available to all through a single payer government sponsored program like Medicare, regardless of employment status.  We support policies which not only make healthcare more affordable, but which reduce its overall cost. We believe that every person and family should have access to what is needed to help them to grow and thrive while living successfully in economic independence.
  • Housing

    Massachusetts Democrats believe in a decent home and a suitable living environment for every resident.  This goal cannot be attained without a commitment to address the need for affordable housing. We believe in policies which support people on all steps of the housing ladder, and especially those people who are not yet on the first step: the homeless and all those who cannot afford to rent or buy suitable housing. We believe that public-private partnerships are effective solutions to the housing challenges we face.
  • Immigration

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that a sound and humane immigration policy is an opportunity to extend equal freedom, opportunity, and access to the American Dream. We recognize that the strength of Massachusetts, as well as that of the United States, is built on our long history of immigration. This history has resulted in a more prosperous, diverse, and culturally rich state.
  • Justice, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    Massachusetts Democrats believe in equal justice under the law for all. We believe that discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, and disability has no place in our communities. Massachusetts Democrats are committed to protecting individual’s rights to freedom of speech, religion, press, and due process under the law.
  • Labor

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that all working people – regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, race, religion, income, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, immigration or refugee status – should have the right to quality, family-sustaining jobs that provide a living wage, and access to education and training to make them employable and contributors to a healthy economy. We believe that the an essential part of an effective strategy to grow the middle class is to help people get out of poverty and promote economic equality by encouraging collective bargaining, increased unionization, and shared and employee ownership.
  • Public Safety and Crime Prevention

    Massachusetts Democrats believe in evidence-based solutions that promote public safety and reduce crime. We believe the foundation of a strong community is a citizenry that is safe. Therefore, we encourage investment in strategies that best support the efforts of law enforcement.
  • Revenue and Expenditures

    Massachusetts Democrats believe in fiscal responsibility. We also believe that responsible investments today will provide positive outcomes in our communities for years to come. We believe in progressive taxation that provides sufficient revenues to adequately support, build and maintain the governmental infrastructure Massachusetts needs for long term prosperity. We believe that taxes and fees should be fairly distributed and reasonably assessed.
  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that the Commonwealth’s transportation and infrastructure systems are a public responsibility and common good, and should be safe, efficient, reliable, accessible, and cost-effective. We believe that our system of roads, bridges, ports, airports, transit, bike paths and walkways should be upgraded to 21st century standards, well-maintained, and built to promote economic development, connect workers with jobs, and knit together our communities throughout the commonwealth. We believe that transportation investments should promote the creation of housing development and employment opportunities, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our natural and cultural landscapes.
  • Voting and Democracy

    Massachusetts Democrats believe that voting is a right, not a privilege, and that every step should be taken to ensure that all eligible citizens vote in every election by eliminating voter participation barriers. This means that registration should be made as easy as possible, polls should be safe and accessible, the voting process should be quick and efficient, and no citizen should be denied access to the polls. We believe every vote should be counted and that all ballots cast should produce an independent auditable record.
  • Women

    Massachusetts Democrats believe in full equality, regardless of gender, and recognize that gender discrimination and lack of equal opportunity for girls and women are ongoing and pervasive problems which negatively impact us all.  We seek to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination and to ensure equal opportunity for girls and women.