Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and it can be hard to decide between them! We've provided some questions below that we hope will help you figure out the best fit for you.

  1. Are you subscribed to our email list? If not, please sign up here! We send more than just fundraising emails - our emails include updates on our projects, surveys, weekly talking points, and petitions to support our Democratic candidates and hold the Republican Baker-Polito administration accountable.
  2. Are you an active on Twitter or Facebook? If so, Grassroots Communicators is a great option. Our Grassroots Communicators are the forefront of our #PromisesWatch campaign to hold the Republican administration accountable for their campaign promises. They are critical to our ability to spread our message effectively, and receive the latest updates about what we’re pushing on social media. Sign up here to help spread the word!
  3. Is traditional media more your style? Are you interested in writing a Letter to the Editor? Grassroots Communicators do that too! Contact our Press Secretary Pat Beaudry at and he'll follow up with you.
  4. Do you like engaging with voters? Do you enjoy talking to others about why you're an activist? If you do, the 1965 Project is a perfect fit! The 1965 Project is our campaign to register 1,965 voters by the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. We're organizing our first Day of Action on April 11th, with events taking place across the Commonwealth. Not available on the 11th? You can still attend another Day of Action (TBA). Sign up here to register voters!
  5. Are you eager to get involved on a more regular basis? If you like working with other activists and engaging voters, then you should check out your local Democratic Town or Ward Committee! Our local committees are crucial to grassroots organizing. They mobilize their communities to help register voters and campaign for Democratic candidates. Many also hold events, including panel discussions, trainings and fundraisers. Once a year, Town and Ward Committees hold caucuses to elect delegates to attend Convention. Click here to find your local committee - simply search your town and contact the Chair. You can also search our calendar for the next committee meeting in your town.
  6. Do you have a particular issue you're most passionate about? Consider joining one of our subcommittees! Subcommittees advise our staff and State Committee, spread the Party's message, do community outreach (ex. LGBT, Youth), and help us organize more effectively. Click here to see a list of our subcommittees, their Chairs and contact info.

Additional Relevant links:

If you are interested in interning with the Massachusetts Democratic Party, please click here for more information.

To search our calendar for an event - including fundraisers and Town and Ward Committee meetings - click here.