The Convention

When: Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Where: MassMutual Center, 1277 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103. The entrance to the MassMutual Center is at the corner of Main Street and Falcons Way.

Registration: Registration will be from 7:30AM-1:00PM on Saturday, September 19th. No credentials will be given out after 1:00PM. (This contradicts the information in the Call to Convention, which says registration will only be open through 9:00AM; Please disregard that information. 1:00pM is the correct end time.)

Bags & lanyards: Lanyards and the traditional tote bags will be available at registration.

Delegate Fees: If you were elected a delegate to the convention at your local caucus, you can pay your delegate fee by clicking this link, or by check at the Convention. Students, seniors and disabled delegate fees are now $75, and general elected delegate fees are now $100.

Delegate Fees - Paying at Convention: At registration we will be accepting the following forms of payment - please read carefully!

  • Check - this will be the easiest form of payment, and the fastest way to move through registration. If your address is listed on the check, you will not be required to fill out a contribution form.
  • Credit Card - We will not be able to process credit cards immediately. We will provide credit card contribution forms, and contributions will be processed back at the office within 3-6 days of Convention.
  • Cash - We will accept cash up to $100 per person, but we will not be able to provide change. Anyone paying by cash will be required to fill out a contribution form.

Credentials: For all those who paid their delegate fee or submitted a fee waiver by August 7th, credentials are arriving by September 12th. Those paying after the August 7th deadline will be able to pick up their credentials at the registration table at the convention.

Fee Waivers: All fee waiver applications were accepted. We notified fee waiver applicants of this by email. If you did not receive an email, please contact our office at (617) 939-0800 so we can confirm that we received your application and collect your email address.

Guest Passes: If you'd like to attend Convention as a guest, please fill out the form online here. You can then pay the fee here, or by check in person at the Convention. If applicable, please see the fee waiver link above.

Call to Convention: Here is the 2015 Call to Convention!

Hotels: There are discounted room rates at the Sheraton Springfield (888) 627-7126, Marriott Springfield (413) 781-7111, and La Quinta Inn & Suites (413) 781-0900.

7:30AM Doors open
9:15AM Convention called to order
1:00PM Breakout Session A (until 1:45PM)
2:00PM Breakout Session B (until 2:45PM)

Breakout Sessions

Session A   1:00-1:45PM

  • Racial Injustice & the Voting Rights Act*, Ballroom A
  • Running for Office: How and Why, Meeting Room 1
  • Labor and the Democratic Party, Meeting Room 2
  • Organizing Opportunities Now, Meeting Room 3
  • ADA Turns 25, Meeting Room 4
  • Income Inequality, Meeting Room 5

Session B   2:00-2:45PM

  • Social Security & Medicare, Meeting Room 1
  • Growing & Diversifying Our Party, Meeting Room 2
  • Education, Meeting Room 3
  • Organizing a Strong DTC, Meeting Room 4
  • Dem Tech: Social Media and More, Meeting Room 5

Speakers: We will hear form local, state and federal officials as well as representatives from some of the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Events: The Host Committee party will be held from 8:30-11:00PM on Friday, September 18th at the MassMutual Center. The event will feature live music, appetizers and a cash bar. For more event information, please refer to the Call to Convention, which can be found online here.


The entrance to the MassMutual Center is at the corner of Main Street and Falcons Way.

Traveling North on I-91, take Exit 6 (Springfield Center), onto East Columbus Avenue. Continue up East Columbus Avenue (about ¼ mile) to Court Street. Take a right onto Court Street and proceed past Symphony Hall, City Hall and Sovereign Bank. The MassMutual Center is located at the corner of Court and Main Street across from Court Square.

Traveling South on I-91, take Exit 7 (Springfield Center Columbus Avenue). Turn left at the light at the end of the ramp. Circle under the highway and go straight through one light. Take a right at the second light onto Main Street. The MassMutual Center is located at 1277 Main Street across from Court Square.

Traveling West on Rt. 90, take Exit 6 off the Mass. Turnpike to Rt. 291. From Rt. 291 take Dwight Street Exit. Turn left at the end of the ramp and follow Dwight Street to the MassMutual Center.

Traveling East on Rt. 90, take Exit 4 onto I-91 South.

Parking: Parking is available in the Civic Center Parking Garage located at 22 Falcons Way, Springfield, MA 01103. This Civic Center Parking Garage is operated by the Springfield Parking Authority; The MassMutual Center does not own or operate any local parking facilities.


1. I haven't received any information at all about Convention.  It may be because we do not have your email address. Last year, the Democratic State Committee voted unanimously to make Convention paperless, meaning that we have converted completely to email communication, with the exception of credentials and the Call to Convention. If you believe we do not have the correct email address for you, please feel free to call us at (617) 939-0800.
2. I haven't received my Call to Convention or credentials yet. This could be for two reasons: 1) If you paid after the August 7th deadline, we were not able to mail your materials. Your credentials will be available for pickup at the Convention. The Call to Convention is available online here, and will also be available in hard copy at the Convention. 2) Your credentials may be in the mail. Those who paid before August 7th should receive their credentials by Saturday, September 12th. If you do not receive them by then, please feel free to call our office at (617) 939-0800 and we can sort out any credential issues.
3. I haven't paid my delegate fee yet! Not to worry, you can pay your fee here. Your credentials will be available for pick up at the Convention; The deadline to have your credential mailed has passed.
4. I don't have a transportation plan for Convention. Please contact your local Town or Ward Chair, or State Committee members in order to see who from your district will be attending and might be able to carpool. You can find Town & Ward Chair information online here, and State Committee members here; and use the search bar to search by town or by name.





The Chairperson of the Democratic State Committee shall call the Convention to order and preside until he/she appoints a Convention Chair. The Chairperson of the Democratic State Committee shall appoint a Chairperson of the Convention, a Vice-Chairperson of the opposite sex, a Parliamentarian, three (3) Assistant Parliamentarians, a Credentials Committee, a Sergeant-at-Arms, Assistant Sergeants-at-Arms, a Head Teller, Tellers, Assistant Tellers, Pages, and a Convention Secretary who shall oversee that an official record of the Convention be kept, and additional assistants, as the Chair of the Democratic State Committee may deem necessary, none of whom need be Delegates.



A. The order of business will include:

1. Call to order/Declaration of a Quorum by the Chair

2. Invocation

3. National Anthem

4. Action Agenda

5. Consideration of any Charter Amendments

6. Other Business determined essential by the Chairperson of the Democratic State Committee


B. The order of business for the Massachusetts Democratic Convention shall be as provided in these Rules. The Chairperson of the Convention may interrupt the order of business provided for in these Rules for remarks appropriate to the business of the Convention.


C. The Chairperson of the Democratic State Committee shall appoint a Charter Amendments Committee. Only those proposed amendments reported favorably by the Charter Amendments Committee shall be presented to the convention, except that proposed amendments, which had been previously submitted to the Charter Amendments Committee and not recommended by the Charter Amendments Committee, but which are accompanied by the signatures of five hundred (500) certified Delegates, identified by name and Senate District, … Read More




  • The Massachusetts Democratic State Committee shall convene local caucuses in each ward and town for the purpose of electing the apportioned number of Delegates and Alternates to the Convention, except that, in the case of cities, a waiver may be granted prior to May 2nd, 2015, by the Democratic State Committee Chair or designee for a ward or several wards to hold the caucus outside the ward but within the city and provided that the chairpersons of all wards seeking to caucus at the same site must sign a waiver request.  Said waivers shall be granted except in unusual circumstances where failure to grant such a waiver will increase the opportunity for participation by registered Democrats.  Should several wards in a city meet in one location, they must caucus separately by ward for the election of Delegates and Alternates.
  • One Delegate shall be allocated to each ward or town and the remainder on the basis of a formula giving equal weight to Democratic Party registration in accordance with the Charter and to the average vote for Democratic candidates in the last general elections for the offices of Governor and President; provided that the total number of Delegates elected shall be no more than those elected in 2006.  Provided however that town and ward committee Chairs shall be ex-officio delegates who shall also be included in the total number of delegates allocated for the caucus. However, for towns where only 1 delegate is to be elected at a caucus, the Chair should not be counted.  The percentage of persons chosen as Affirmative … Read More