2017 Platform Meeting Guide for City, Town and Ward Committees, DSC Members and Democratic Organizations

In addition to the official hearings conducted by the Platform Committee of the state party, Democratic Town and City/Ward Committees, DSC members and Democratic organizations may conduct platform meetings prior to the 2017 Democratic State Convention on June 3rd. The purpose of these meetings is to facilitate dialogue and encourage input from Democrats on the local level to inform the party platform that will be voted on by delegates at the June convention. All platform meetings should take place before May 1, 2017 to ensure the input is considered for the 2017 platform.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party platform is a statement of party values and reflects the current policy positions of the party. The Platform Committee will be drafting the proposed 2017 state party platform, which will be voted on by the delegation at the June 3 State Convention. The most recent edition of the Party platform is the 2013 platform. It may be found on our website here: https://www.massdems.org/platform

The platform committee, relevant documents and the schedule of meetings will be posted on massdems.org/platform by 3/20/17.

Requirements for holding a platform meeting:
·         The Massachusetts Democratic Party must be notified of the meeting five business days prior to its scheduled date. Please report your meeting using this link: http://bit.ly/platformnotesreporter
·         The meeting is open to the general public, regardless of party affiliation or registration status.
·         The meeting location must be ADA accessible.
·         The meeting must be conducted with a clerk who will take notes of participants’ testimony. All notes must be submitted to the state party through this form: http://bit.ly/platformmtgdatereporter