We’re Ready Report: Gloucester Democrats

In the 2010 Special Election, we were caught sleeping at the wheel.  In 2013, Democrats across Massachusetts are pledging to make sure we don't make that mistake again. This time we’re starting early, building a strong coordinated campaign that will make sure we send another great Democrat, who will stand up for our values, to join Elizabeth in the Senate. Every day, Democrats across the Commonwealth are proving that We’re Ready for June 25, 2013. Last weekend Gloucester Democrats, Sally Chapdelaine and Sean Raecroft knocked doors in downtown Gloucester for chair, John Walsh. Here are their stories:

Sandy Chapdelaine

Catherine Bayliss gathered us together Saturday, February 2nd on Cape Ann to kick off our door-to-door effort to muster up support for the upcoming special election. It was a sunny, cold and beautiful day and our esteemed State Democratic Party chair, John Walsh joined us on the trail wearing brand new sneakers! I was thrilled to be paired with John as we knocked on doors and happily found most folks at home.
Our mission was to hand deliver thank you notes to folks who had not voted in recent past elections, but did in 2012! We had some enthusiastic support from people who identified themselves as Independents. Some mothers we met were so proud of the fact that they got their teenagers to register and vote for the first time. I think thanking people is probably the best thing we can be doing at this point.
John Walsh is an inspiration. He has a clear vision for the future of our party. We are so fortunate to have had him rally with us as we hit the trail. I can't wait to "walk" again. What could be more fun on a Saturday morning? Go team!

Sean Reacroft

A group of determined Gloucester Democrats proudly kicked off the “We’re Ready ’13” campaign on Saturday, February 2nd, with a neighborhood canvass in downtown Gloucester.  As veterans of recent Obama for America efforts in New Hampshire and the Warren and Tierney campaigns in Massachusetts, the Gloucester team was anxious to put another Get Out the Vote plan into action.  State Democratic Party chair, John Walsh, was part of our team.
We knocked on the doors of voters who at least participated in the 2012 presidential election, so that we could:

  • thank them for voting in November;
  • remind them of the importance of continued voting – even in non-presidential elections; and
  • alert them to the upcoming primary vote and senatorial special election races this spring and summer.

What we found while talking to voters was encouraging.  There were signs of broad support for Democrats, pride in President Obama’s agenda and excitement at the start of Senator Warren’s legislative career.  Gloucester will not be easy for Democrats. Although, the unreliability of the GOP is known to voters in our area, causing them to continue to look to our party for leadership and change that matters.
The experienced Gloucester team has outlined an ambitious “We’re Ready ‘13” agenda of canvasses, phone calls, and Get Out the Vote events between now and the special senatorial election on June 25th. Gloucester is ready in 2013!