We’re Ready Update!

To win on June 25, 2013, we need to be ready to go, every day from now until the polls close.  We’re Ready to get going with six key initiatives that will ensure success.

  • Voter Registration Drives to find new voters in your community and newly 18 year olds that will be eligible to vote in this election – compare census to registered voters in your neighborhood. If you set up a registration drive, we can advertise it and help drive volunteers there.
  • Targeted Grassroots Outreach. We are designing a postcard now you can send to first time voters in your community thanking them for voting. You can plan a postcard sending meeting and then a follow up canvass or friend bank today. Use February 2nd as a Day of Action to get together and send postcards and set a date for follow up canvassing or phone calls.
  • GOTV. Start recruiting volunteers now for GOTV weekend. Turnout will be key and we need as many volunteers as possible.


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