Winter Storm Caucus Alert

With the news of the upcoming storm projected to hit the Commonwealth this weekend, we wanted to update you on the rules regarding scheduled caucuses. Chairman John Walsh has issued the following announcement regarding caucuses for this weekend:


Pursuant to the Method of Selecting Delegates, rule 5, regarding emergency cancellations of a local caucus, all chairs who have scheduled their 2013 caucus between Friday, February 8 and Sunday February 10 are officially authorized to cancel and reschedule their caucus to a time when it is safe and convenient for people to attend a caucus. The Caucus window has been extended until March 17th and I am asking that all re-scheduled caucuses give at least 5 days notice prior to the new caucus date and time.


I'm very conscious that these storms can change paths.  Therefore, it will be at the discretion of the local Chair to decide the best course of action for their local caucus.


If you plan to hold your caucus this weekend as scheduled, continue with your plans as they currently exist.  If you plan to reschedule, you must contact the Massachusetts Democratic Party office by phone or email before Saturday morning and notify us of your cancellation and the newly set date.


Remember that there are a couple of great Senate Campaigns that are looking forward to visiting you at your caucus and they would like to plan their schedules around your caucus.  The sooner we hear from you about a cancellation, the sooner we can spread the message to local Democrats and to the campaigns as well.



If you have any questions, please contact our office immediately at 617-939-0800 or email


Thanks, and stay safe this weekend.