#DemsDoors Diary: Winthrop for Warren

Knocking on doors has been proven as a successful winning strategy. Every weekend, volunteers all around Massachusetts knock on the doors of voters to discuss the issues with their neighbors.  Last weekend Winthrop native Donna Segreti Reilly went out canvassing for Elizabeth Warren. Below is her story. 

I got involved in the Elizabeth for US Senate race back in October, 2011, when my friends and neighbors here in Winthrop were asking me, "Donna, what are we going to do about Elizabeth Warren?" Rather than lose that enthusiasm, we harnessed that energy and commitment to Elizabeth by having our first organizing meeting on October 18, 2011. Twenty-five (25) supporters came. After months of phoning, canvassing, hosting house parties, and displaying signs even on the cold Primary of March 6th; we are now 130 strong here in Winthrop.


I think it was the Big Oil subsidy vote of May 10, 2011, that made me realize that Scott Brown wasn't representing me or my adult children who were struggling to find good work while paying off college loans. I looked around and realized that he wasn't representing my elderly neighbors who are dependent on the safety nets of Social Security and Medicare. In fact, Brown voted the Ryan bill, which, in effect, ends Medicare as we know it. He wasn't representing families under water who were fending off foreclosures and near homelessness. In fact, on March 30, 2012, he just voted for Big Oil subsidies a SECOND time!


So "Winthrop for Warren" organized. We continue to call, canvass, and display our allegiance to Elizabeth Warren who is committed to leveling the playing field for Middle Class Americans revamping the tax system to a fair tax system for all, not just the super rich. Through her work developing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, she worked to insure that the education loans, mortgages, and credit cards we apply for are administered fairly.


With the help of our good friends from Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford; our "Winthrop for Warren" team canvassed for Elizabeth this past Sunday, August 12th. It was hot. We sweat a lot, but kept ringing bells and knocking on doors.


I felt good when I met an undecided voter, gave him/her the literature, and asked them read, compare Brown's voting record with Elizabeth's platform. I'd address a few issues that sparked their interest and left them to "just thing about" the choice they will make on November 6th. I wasn't pushy, but I think I left the person to seriously ponder just what was at stake for our people of Massachusetts and the nation. I add that my canvassing partner and I were greatly encouraged to trudge on in the hot sun when we visited an enthusiastic Warren supporter. That helped us finish our route.


Hopefully, our small contribution to this important campaign will help our country continue on the road to progress for all rather than a nation of the few very wealthy saying, as Elizabeth said, "No one should ever say: I got mine. The rest of you are on your own. We are a community and a country, not just a group of individuals."


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