Meet Josh Cutler

Josh Cutler, a native of the South Shore, is running for the Sixth Plymouth District seat in the House of Representatives. With experience as a newspaper editor, a small business owner, and a selectman, Cutler is very much in touch with the people of his district. Cutler, the father of two, brings energy and passion to the table.

Cutler’s main priorities are economic development, school funding, energy policy, and protecting human services. Cutler’s unique blend of experience will bring a breathe of fresh air to Beacon Hill. For instance, he currently is a member of the Duxbury Alternative Energy Committee and the Solar Energy Subcommittee. He will push to create more green jobs and the utilization of green technology.

Cutler knows how to create jobs and he knows what it’s like to own a small business. He will fight for legislation such as streamlining state regulations and investing state funds in local and community banks that provide credit for small businesses and start-ups. Cutler recognizes the issues that the people of the Sixth Plymouth have and he will go to Beacon Hill to bring positive change. Something Republican Daniel Webster hasn’t been able to do in his time in office. Check out Josh Cutler’s website at