#DemDoors Diary: Refocusing on the Issues

Massachusetts Democrats win when we organize precinct by precinct, having conversations with voters about what is at stake in this election. Every weekend, volunteers all around Massachusetts knock on the doors of voters to discuss the issues with their neighbors. Knocking on doors has been proven as a successful winning strategy. Last weekend Cohasset native Peter Pesactore went out canvassing for Elizabeth Warren. Below is his story. 


We are the old guard, over 65 and lifelong Democrats, talking to our neighbors. We have the maps and address guides focused on Independents and Democrats that don’t regularly vote provided by the regional office.


The 30 & 40 something’s are enthusiastic for Elizabeth’s candidacy as we knock on doors. They ‘re aware of the importance of this seat and the pivotal nature of the election. The late 50’s crowd and older are undecided and unaware of the issues at stake and fed us sound bites.


We were distressed that we had to start so low on the information curve to try and inform the undecided, but in the end when we discussed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s role in protecting the middle class and Brown’s voting record and work to undermine the new agency as well as the focus to deny our President any gains for distressed people we were pretty successful in getting people over to likely to vote Democratic.


This is election is very close and there are too many people that only have a TV impression of what is going on. The good news is that in a face to face conversation we were able to raise the factual awareness of how important their vote will be for survival of the middle class. We got an added bonus to be able to reference Paul Ryan as VP that seemed to hit a nerve as we explained his budget direction and who would be hurt by it.


Overall, the day went well.  It is the contact with real voters that moves campaigns forward.  It is these person to person interactions about the issues that will make the difference in such a close race.

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