Brown, Romney & Ryan: Wrong for Massachusetts

With Romney’s pick of Ryan, Scott Brown’s GOP team promises higher taxes for the middle-class, tax breaks for the wealthy.
As Mitt Romney selects Paul Ryan as his running mate, the Massachusetts Democratic Party today releases a new web video highlighting praise for the GOP team from cheerleader Republican Senator Scott Brown, who’s running with them and their plan of deficit-growing tax breaks for the rich, tax hikes for the middle-class, cuts to environment and education programs, and repealing President Obama’s health care reform.

“Scott Brown’s Romney-Ryan ticket and the Brown-Romney-Ryan budget would be devastating to Massachusetts families,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh. “Scott Brown and his ticket want tax breaks for the rich, tax hikes for the middle-class, and to slash student loans, health care for seniors, protections for our environment and investments critical to growing our economy and building a secure future. They’re wrong for Massachusetts, and wrong for America.”