Field Office Profile: Falmouth

As the summer progresses, we will be publishing profiles of our 16 Field Offices throughout the Commonwealth. This week, we visit the office in Falmouth.


 The Falmouth Coordinated Campaign Office celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, July 14, at 5 PM, and enjoyed excellent turnout with many guests from Falmouth and other towns on the Cape. US House of Representatives candidates William Keating and Sam Sutter were present, along with Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray, Governors Councillor for Precinct 9 Nicholas Bernier and County Commissioner Mary Pat Flynn gave brief presentations and spoke with guests. Representatives from the campaigns of Elizabeth Warren and Patrick Ellis were also in attendance.


Falmouth Dems are currently concentrating on identifying all Falmouth registered voters who support Democrats.  The most effective way to identify these voters is by door-to-door canvassing and phone calls.


Obama Campaign: FDTC is an active participant with Cape and Islanders for Obama (CAIFO). We continue to recruit supporters to canvass in the area's sister city of Salem, NH. We have sent canvassers to Portsmouth and Hampton over the last 9 months.  We will also participate in phone banking and visibility efforts.  Tom Lebach, FDTC Executive Committee Member, is part of the CAIFO leadership team.


Warren Campaign:  We have been canvassing since Spring and have hit thousands of doors. We now can run our canvasses from headquarters on Saturdays 10 AM to 12 PM.  We have started phone banking from here also and plan to continue on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings—6:30 to 8:30. We will be starting afternoon phoning from 12 PM to 2 PM. Charlie Silva, FDTC member, is an active Warren volunteer.


Youth Outreach: FDTC board member, Hugh Gregory, is organizing the FDTC youth-outreach effort to involve young people to become active participants in the Democratic Party.

Plans in the making: Right now FDTC members are busy making plans for yard sign distributions, securing hand-held signs, fund-raising and stand-outs. Members of the Executive board are identifying and organizing team members for different committees. Volunteer lists are being identified to help with the campaign.


A clambake dinner gala will be held at the Connamessett Inn on August 19. This is an opportunity for Falmouth voters to meet the candidates.


The office is lead by Megan English Braga, and is currently open from 10 am - 2 pm. It is located at 704 Main St., in Falmouth. The office telephone number is (774) 255-1500.