Next State Committee Meeting – Presidential Electors

The next meeting of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee will be on August 23, 2012 in Lawrence at the South Lawrence East Middle School (165 Crawford St, Lawrence).  The meeting will be called to order at 7:00 PM, with refreshments beginning at 6:00 PM.


We will be sending out an agenda, minutes from out last meeting, and directions to Lawrence, but because Massachusetts General Law requires the “state committees of the respective political parties at a meeting called for the purpose shall nominate the presidential electors,” we wanted to get you the procedures in advance.  These electors will be nominated and elected at this meeting in Lawrence.


The process for nomination and election of the presidential electors will be as follows:

  • Nominations will be made at the meeting from the floor. Each candidate must be nominated by one state committee member and their nomination must be seconded by two additional DSC members.  All nominations must be in writing and signed on forms provided by the State Committee.
  • The eleven electors will be gender balanced.  We will elect five (5) men, five (5) women, and one (1) that can be of either gender (elected on a third, separate ballot).  All nominated men and women that do not win on their respective ballots will be automatically eligible for the final spot.
  • Each nominee will be allowed a one minute speech on his or her candidacy.  All women will speak, in alphabetical order, followed by the female balloting process.  Then, all men will speak, in alphabetical order, followed by the male balloting process.  After the results are finalized on these two ballots, eleventh elector will be chosen with no new speeches.
  • Ballots for the female and male electors will be distributed to voting members after the last speech for each respective gender has finished.  Voters can write up to five (5) names on each ballot.  The eleventh elector ballot will allow the voter to write in one (1) name from the remaining nominees.  All ballots must be printed and signed to be eligible.
  • All elected presidential electors must sign the required certificate affirming their support for Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.


Any questions about the process can be directed to our office at 617-939-0800.  We look forward to seeing you in Lawrence!