Meet Patrick Ellis

Patrick Ellis, a lifelong resident of Cape Cod, is running for the 5th Barnstable District seat in the House of Representatives. As a family man and former small businessman, Ellis is aware of the issues that face the middle class families of Sandwich, Bourne, Barnstable, Mashpee and Plymouth. Ellis will go to Beacon Hill to fight for the best interests of his neighbors in the 5th Barnstable District.


A Texas native, Republican Randy Hunt, currently holds this seat, but Hunt seems more interested in promoting an extreme ideology than representing the people of the 5th Barnstable. It's time we take back that seat by electing a man, in Patrick Ellis, who is truly in touch with the people of the Cape.

Ellis will fight for job creation, protection of beautiful Cape Cod environment, and repairing the infrastructure and traffic issues of the busy region. Ellis has seen these issues go unresolved for years and is fed up. He is running for this seat because it is time to take a stand for this district. With his experience as a Selectman and Superintendent of Public Works he knows how to get things done. He will bring his passion and dedication as well as experience to the State House to improve the 5th Barnstable for each and every one of its residents. Please check out his website to learn more.