Campaign “Day” Camp

A Day of Learning, Action and Fun for Democratic Volunteers of All Ages.

Sunday, July 22

Registration from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Tatnuck Bookseller, 18 Lyman Street, Westborough


Learning: The first part of the day will focus on campaign skills and strategy discussion.

Action: We’ll take the skills that we have learned and hit the streets or the phones. We’ll work on getting votes for Democrats.

Fun: We’ll end the day with a social gathering with refreshments, prizes, stories and more!

Diploma:  Participants who take part in the full day event and plan and complete a subsequent campaign activity will earn a Certificate of Completion for Grassroots Campaign Program.









The Details…

The first part of the day will include an overview of grassroots campaigning. Participants will learn about how campaigns are structured, what roles are available for volunteers and how on the ground campaigning fits within the overall strategy of a campaign.  How to talk to voters will be a significant part of the program, including concrete examples and talking points. An important feature of the Campaign “Day” Camp will be a special track for youth. This program is open to young people of all ages including high school and college age students. There will be a breakout session for young people who are interested in meeting other young people and learning “How to be taken seriously when you are the youngest person in the room.” The program will end with an opportunity for participants who are interested in doing so to plan an actual campaign event.


We’ll take the skills that we have learned and hit the streets or the phones. Bag lunches will be provided for those who have pre-registered or bring your own if you don’t want peanut butter and Jelly. We’ll work on getting votes for Democrats by going door to door, friend banking or phone banking.


The day will close with a house party where we’ll share our experiences relax with refreshments and prizes.  This will be an opportunity to discuss issues and compare stories. We’ll have prizes for the best story, the most interesting experience, the most contacts and more.


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