NEW WEB VIDEO – Scott Brown: Mr. Big Shot

Once again, Scott Brown stretches the truth, claims he’s called “all the time” by the President, Vice President, & Secretary of State - Not quite, no calls from any of them in more than a year.
The Massachusetts Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown’s latest exaggeration - the claim he get calls “all the time” from President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Just weeks after falsely claiming that he had daily secret meetings with kings and queens, Brown told CNN, “The President has called me, the Vice President calls me, and Secretary Clinton calls asking for my vote all the time.”


When pressed for details, Brown’s staff admitted to the Boston Globe that Brown only spoke twice on the phone with Secretary of State Clinton, and once each with Vice President Biden and President Obama.  It has been more than one year since Brown has spoken on the phone with any of them.


The story received widespread coverage on local and national TV. In addition to these calls and his false claim of secret meetings with kings and queens, Brown also claimed to have seen photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse, proving his death. After bragging on TV that he’d seen the photos, he was forced to admit later he had only seen fake photos that were circulating on the Internet.


“Republican Scott Brown just can’t seem to give it to Massachusetts straight,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh. “Rather than acting like a big shot and making up secret meetings with royalty or phone calls with the administration, Scott Brown should try standing up for middle-class families for a change.”