NEW WEB VIDEO: Republican Brown Joins Republican Romney In Fight to Repeal Health Care Reform

New video “Just Another Republican” highlights Scott Brown’s support for GOP in refighting the repeal battle, pushing to strip key health care protections from Massachusetts families


Today, the Massachusetts Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting Scott Brown’s lock step support of Mitt Romney and national Republicans in their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Despite the need to focus on the economy and job creation and the Supreme Court decision upholding the law, Scott Brown is helping lead the Republican Party’s fight to repeal the health care reform law. The video shows Brown and Romney echoing each others anti-reform rhetoric as they call for full repeal.

“Scott Brown and Mitt Romney need to look our seniors, women, and young people in the eye and tell them why they want to take their health care away,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh. “Instead of focusing on jobs, Scott Brown is just another Republican, marching in lockstep with the Washington GOP in their push to repeal the Affordable Care Act.”