#DemDoors Diary – Canvassing in Allston/Brighton

This weekend, Massachusetts Democrats hit the streets of Allston/Brighton to knock on doors and connect with our neighbors. Rory O'Hanlon was one of those grassroots volunteers and filed this report:


Last Sunday, I set out on my first canvassing experience of this campaign season. Here’s how it went:

Ten of us met at the Jackson-Mann School in Allston around 2 PM.  The organizer of the canvass gave us each a packet including a specific “turf assignment”, a map, and a list of names of voters who lived on these “turfs”. The term “turf” basically means a specific area within a neighborhood created using a program called VoteBuilder, which is an online database of all the registered voters in Massachusetts. This way, we can make sure we’re spending our time talking to the right voters. We were each assigned 30-40 doors to hit.

There was no answer at the first few doors I hit, things began to pick up after that. My first personal interaction was with a friendly senior citizen. She said she was aware of the Senate race, but she was undecided. After I talked with her about how Elizabeth Warren will do all she can to protect Social Security and Medicare and she’ll fight to lower costs for prescription drugs, she  seemed intrigued and warmed up to the idea of Elizabeth Warren as our US Senator. I thanked her for her time, let her know how should could find out more about Elizabeth and moved on to the next house.

A few houses down the street, I met a woman in her late 20s who had recently moved to the area. She was very friendly as I discussed Elizabeth’s stances on various issues such as women's rights, specifically equal pay, as well as immigration.  She told me Elizabeth could count on her support.  She said she liked Elizabeth’s track record as a fighter for the middle class and her determination to crack down on Wall Street.  At the end, she even said that we could count on all her roommates to support Elizabeth too!

Overall, the two hours of traveling door-to-door in this Brighton neighborhood went very well. I was proud to be contributing to the grassroots effort, which is now fully underway, and I hope I was able to make a lasting impact on a few of the individuals I was able to chat with.  The hard work we put in now will pay off in November.