This Was Not The First Time Brown Claimed To Have Met With Kings And Queens

Just one day after Scott Brown claimed to have held secret daily meetings with kings and queens, the Massachusetts Democratic Party released a new web video showing that Brown has in fact made this bizarre claim before. Even though his campaign tried to walk back the gaffe claiming that he “misspoke,” the video evidence clearly shows Brown has claimed to meet with kings and queens in at least three other separate times.

The video, Scott Brown's Royal Meetings, shows Brown making the claim in Wakefield, on Martha’s Vineyard, the Berkshires, and in Sandwich on the campaign trail.

“Which is it Senator Brown?” asked Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh. “Have you met with kings and queens, or not? Is that why you’re too busy to meet with Massachusetts youth who need summer jobs, students who need low interest college loans, or women who need fair pay?”

Brown referenced kings and queens at the following places:

“Meeting with kings and queens, prime ministers, and business leaders. All they talk about is jobs.” - 11/18/11, Wakefield Chamber of Commerce

“And it's funny. To the queens and kings, prime ministers, all the way to the poorest farmers, all they talk about is jobs.” - 08/15/11, Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce

“And all they talk about folks, from the world leaders, to the business leaders, kings and queens, prime ministers, all the way down to the poorest farmers is jobs. All they want is jobs.” - 08/10/11 Berkshires Chamber of Commerce

“All they talk about is jobs everywhere. Everywhere. Business leaders, queens, kings, all the way down to the poorest farmers.” - 08/15/11 Sandwich Veterans Meeting