Stories from Our Convention Delegates

This past Saturday, 3,554 delegates gathered to endorse a Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate at our Springfield convention. They witnessed history as Elizabeth Warren united Democrats like we never have been before. The pundits in the press have all had their say, now we want you to hear directly from our delegates. Below are some of the stories they sent us about their convention experiences.

John Walsh and Elizabether Warren in Springfield

Elizabeth Warren in Springfield_______________________________________________________________________________________________



My name is John May. I live in Franklin Massachusetts with wife, Laura. We have two sons, Frank & Greg, who are students at UMass Amherst. A few years ago, I voted Republican and only Republican. I bought into the idea of the Reagan revolution. A series of events in my personal life illustrated the fallacy of Reaganomics and the realization that government is not my enemy. I learned that good government is vital to us all, especially those of us in the middle class. In 2008, for the first time in many years, I voted for Barack Obama. I lost a lot of my Republican friends over that. After years of indoctrination about what Democrats were supposed to be like, I was reluctant to get more involved with them, but I did volunteer to canvas and phone bank for Jim McGovern. At that time I was (and remain) concerned about the Tea Party and its extremist nature and I wanted to make certain that Jim was not replaced by his Tea Party opponent.

While volunteering on the McGovern campaign, I met many Democrats from Franklin as I started to attend committee meetings with them and the Democrat MNW Alliance organized by Paul Yorkis. I was still not a registered Democrat. On the day that Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy, I decided to change my voter registration to Democrat. I have since become very active with our local town committee. Jeff Roy has done a remarkable job at boosting membership, attendance and encouraging us all to get involved. On that note, I was proud and honored to be nominated and elected as a delegate to the state convention.

Attending the convention just confirmed my discovery of who Democrats are and what we stand for. I had a wonderful time, met truly nice people, and heard some great speeches. Someone from the Warren campaign asked if I would stand behind Elizabeth during her press conference after the convention and I was happy to oblige. After that, I was asked if I would speak with a reporter about my reason for being at the convention and supporting Elizabeth Warren; again, it was my pleasure to help.

There's a lot of work ahead for all of us, but I cannot think of a better cause, or nicer people to work with.

Thank you!

John May

Franklin Massachusetts






My name is Patrick Tai. I am a volunteer for Elizabeth Warren as well as for President Obama. I am 66 years old. This is the first time in my life I did any political activities; so I am all novice. I live in Cambridge and my EW team leaders are Elizabeth Kline and Ginger Ryan (ward 7).
I was very surprised that I was selected as a delegate (Minority add-on). I was very excited to join other veteran delegates on the train. I was so happy to talk with Warren herself (whom I have met a couple of times) and met her family.

The Convention itself was a blast. I was very excited, and the results were better than I had hoped for. It was definitely a very good experience for me.


Patrick Tai





I love a great speech. Elizabeth Warren can deliver a speech with warmth and intelligence. It warmed my heart to hear her speak.

Judith Josephs---





Governor Patrick'e speech and the congressmen's (Neal, Keating, Markey, and McGovern) tributes to Barney Frank and John Olver made me proud of my party. I enjoyed getting info from the exhibit booths and talking with delegates from various districts (most of whom I knew beforehand). Warren's victory eliminating a contested primary election made the trip worthwhile.

Stan Zoll





The 2012 Democratic State Convention was my 1st convention, I was excited to attend and represent my neighborhood. I awoke at 5:24 AM on Saturday too excited to sleep albeit a bit groggy from the Friday night parties. Meeting Elizabeth Warren Friday night at Smith's Billiards and listening to her passionate speech as she stood on top of a pool table, riling up an already jubilant crowd is an image I will always remember. Meeting elected officials on Saturday morning and the senate candidates, listening to the passionate speeches, mingling with the crowds and the excitement of nominating a woman to be the US Senator was all exhilarating. Being part of the process that nominated a candidate to represent the Democrat Party was an amazing feeling , participating in the process that makes this the greatest country on earth made the trip to Springfield worthwhile. From my time of arrival in Springfield to the closing of the convention, I stayed to the absolute end, I had a great time, it lived up to my expectations.

Don Ingerson
City of Lynn, 4th Ward, 4th Precinct





I enjoyed meeting other delegates from around the Commonwealth. I am from Springfield and was proud .The way everyone came together and enjoyed themselves. I don’t think it could get any better than that.
Glenrose Tamesar.
Secretary, Ward 5 committee





I was very happy to vote for Elizabeth Warren at the convention.
Nobody in the party had to tell me to vote for Elizabeth Warren.
I voted for her because she supports and can be a strong advocate
for my values.

The news media really got it wrong in assessing why Elizabeth
Warren won by such a huge margin. Being there to see how wrong
the press could get it, is a needed reminder of how little the
press really understands politics. Many in the media think of
this as a game. Whereas the delegates knew this was serious
business that affects the lives of the people of the Commonwealth.

/Steven Greenberg





I thought there were three really good speeches at the convention: Elizabeth's, Marissa's, and Deval's. For my money, Deval's was the best. We need to talk to that man about running for President when he's done being our governor. He has oratorical skill that's a match for Obama's, and I think he has more backbone. Meantime, I hope he hits the campaign trail and embarrasses Mitt Romney by talking about how well RomneyCare is working in Massachusetts and how similar it is to ObamaCare.

Rand Barthel





I was unable to find a ride out to the convention, so I ended up taking the bus Saturday morning, as I spent the 2 hour bus ride being bored and playing with my phone, it was empty by the time I got to the convention. As I spent the entire convention tweeting (I'm @cwmma on twitter) I had to do so camped out by the only power outlet I could find. The day after the convetion my girlfriend was running in the Corib road race in West Roxbury. Being an Elizabeth Warren supporter she decided to run in the Warren shirt I got at the convention. When we get to the Corib who should be the guest of honour but Scott Brown, who for some reason thought it was appropriate to start a road race in the West Roxbury neighbourhood of Boston with a hunting rifle. My girlfriend was very proud to wear that shirt.

Calvin Metcalf





I had a great time at the convention. This was the first time I've attended a political event like this as an elected delegate so it was really fascinating to watch and participate in the process as it unfolded. There were three highlights at the convention for me. First was meeting and talking with Governor Mike Dukakis on the floor. The second was listening to Governor Patrick's amazingly passionate speech and the third, of course, was electing Elizabeth Warren in a solid victory.

Frank Iamelli, Saugus, MA





I was an Eastham delegate. I am furious about all the suggestions by media that somehow the "bosses" forced out DeFranco. The truth is that our delegation and many others worried that the incredible grass roots support for Warren would be negated by party leadership exerting pressure on some delegates to give DeFranco 15%. That leadership left delegates to cote their consciences spoke well for our party. After hearing both candidates we were confirmed in our belief that we came to Springfield for the right candidate.

As for the convention itself, Governor Patrick once again inspired us and reminded us why we are Democrats.

Steve Cole





What I like the most is the opportunity to have a vote count. I loved the speeches, especially Gov. Patrick and Elizabeth Warren. I liked the camaraderie between deletages. What made the trip worthwhile was to cast a vote that mattered, and to prepare me to work for a positive result in a close election this fall. What made me feel proud and passionate about the party, and about Massachusetts, is that we are a party of equality, inclusion and one that stands up for the common good, as opposed to individual pursuit of wealth at the expense of the community.

Ken Gordon





I was part of the Plymouth & Norfolk delegation.

It was well worth the 2+ hour drive in pouring rain to get to the convention. I drove myself and Genevieve Davis, who is running for the state senate seat currently held by Bob Hedlund, and Ellie Mayers who was the chairman of the Norwell Democratic Town Committee for many years.

Most impressive part of the convention was Deval Patrick’s speech. Deval has certainly grown in the job. It can’t have been easy for him, but he gave a passionate, rousing speech that made the whole hall proud to be Democrats and proud to have elected him. It’s nice to know that the whole speech is available on YouTube for everyone to see.

Mary Cole
Norwell, MA





My biggest thrill was when Warren garnered the 95%+ of the delegates. Some in the PRESS have said it was “ backroom politics”… they could not have been more wrong!!!
Marisa is a fine person who handled herself well, but Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air! She and her supporters worked hard and deserved the votes she got!

She is someone I am happy to work my tail off for!

Tom Evans





Best part was seeing longtime friends I don't get to see that often -- party activists are a wonderful, engaged group of folks and very uplifting! Also loved Gov. Patrick's speech -- he was great when he ran for his first term and, amazingly, even better this year -- this was the best speech I have ever heard from anyone -- very motivating and made me believe again, just when I was starting to doubt.

Sharon Fradkin
Stoughton, MA