VoteBuilder for your Local Committee

For the 2012 election cycle and beyond, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is providing a free VoteBuilder account to all 600 town/ward committees across Massachusetts. The VoteBuilder software is one of the most valuable resources available to the MDP and to local committees.  It is the software used by Democrats across the country to easily target voters and manage volunteers. Whether it’s a race for the presidency or city council, VoteBuilder has been used in successful campaigns at both the top and bottom of ballots. We believe that next year, to win a successful grassroots campaign, we need individuals on every town/ward committee to have an instrumental role in targeting neighbors and friends as Democratic voters and activists.

What can you do with it?

VoteBuilder is a database that contains the vital information for all registered voters in Massachusetts.  This is the name, residence, mailing address, phone number, age, registered party, and voting history of every individual in the commonwealth. Up to date information is uploaded into the system about four times per year with information provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, keeping the information as fresh and correct as possible.

VoteBuilder will allow committees to create call sheets, walk lists, and mailing labels using criteria to appropriately target and narrow your searches. Then, you are able to run your own phone banks, organize your own canvasses, send your own mailers, and operate your very own campaign as you see fit. VoteBuilder makes it easy for users that work on the same town/ward committee to share information with each other in order to build the effectiveness of the committee.


How do I get VoteBuilder?

Free accounts are available to every town/ward committee. Check with your committee chair and find out if you can be the VoteBuilder administrator for your town/ward. We have over 100 local committees signed up and trained already, and we are working on growing that number every day.


If your campaign is interested in using VoteBuilder, we also create accounts for Democratic candidates at every level of government. Campaign committees that purchase a subscription to VoteBuilder receive extensive training and expert assistance from our office. We work with Democrats running on every level of the ballot, from school committee to the United States Senate.


To get started, call our office (617-939-0800) or email Travis Shofner (