Massachusetts Democrats understand that we are the pro-business party, building incentives for local control and entrepreneurial success which leads both to profitable enterprise and positive outcomes for our citizens and communities. As we enrich, sustain, and invest in our neighborhoods, partnering with businesses that remain locally rooted, we see government at the intersection of healthy business and healthy communities, creating a balance that supports both, and links them together. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in our immigrant communities, and welcome these new Americans into our country and our party. We also understand that we must measure our business success by additional criteria that show the breadth and depth of our economic and social progress such as economic mobility, access to education, and livable wages, rather than criteria that do not adequately reflect small business health and middle class progress. Massachusetts Democrats support:
  • Healthy financial services like cooperative banks, mutuals, and credit unions that invest locally rather than extract wealth and upstream profit;
  • Healthy energy-producing companies that decentralize energy production, creating jobs in a sustainable economy and environment;
  • Healthy food production by providing incentives and protection for local farmers, fishers, and other producers who create homegrown alternatives to agribusiness;
  • A tax code that sets different rates according to corporate ownership structure, leveling the playing field and creating preferences for businesses that generate community growth and participation;
  • Investment in infrastructure as a key to making more businesses successful, bringing more good jobs into the economy; and
  • A clear long-term vision, offered by our leaders, partnering with organized labor in the public and private sectors, which define our priorities and direction, encouraging smart long-term planning by our private sector.